New recognition for Azsuma’s cleaning service in Jerez de la Frontera

According to the barometer of the Osur Urban Services Observatory, the cleaning service provided by Azsuma in the city of Jerez de la Frontera has obtained, , the highest satisfaction rating in Spain along with the city of La Coruña and, therefore, the highest in Andalusia.

Among the actions assessed is the street cleaning and rubbish collection that Azsuma has been carrying out since 2019, together with FCC Medioambiente and Equal. The great work carried out by UTE Jerez joint venture has taken Cadiz town from being one of the municipalities with the worst indicators to becoming a benchmark in just three years, having obtained 83% positive opinions in 2022.

Golden Broom Award

Just four months ago, Jerez City Council was awarded the Golden Broom Award 2022, which also recognised Azsuma’s cleaning service. Specifically, the Technical Association for Waste Management and Environment Ategrus, which awarded the prize, particularly commended “the implementation of manual sweeping with self-propelled electric tricycles that have increased work performance and improved ergonomics for operators”.