The Ethics Channel

The purpose of the Ethics Channel is to set up a reporting system to enable anyone to notify the Azvi Group’s Crime Prevention and Detection Committee (CPDC) through the Regulatory Compliance Department (RCD) of alleged irregularities committed by the Azvi Group’s employees and business partners.

The Azvi Group’s Ethics Channel has been set up to comply with the Crime Prevention and Detection Management The information you provide will be handled confidentially and anonymously if you wish, using the “contact form”.

The success of the Ethics Channel requires a key element: the trust of the Subject Persons in the way it works and how it safeguards their anonymity. Consequently, confidentiality is the most vital principle of the Ethics Channel.

Irregularities may be reported through the following channels:

Grupo de Empresas Azvi, S.L.
Att: Crime Prevention and Detection Committee Coordinator
Cc. Regulatory Compliance Department
C/ Almendralejo, 5
41019 Sevilla